This project started as a 30-second instructional video for web and TV, created to explain how to access the new network (which, at the time, was not available via cable in most markets). I was responsible for the art direction, storyboarding, design, and animation. In the style of a 1950s educational film, it followed two characters, Smart Martha and Boring Billy, who showed the viewer the right (and wrong) ways to access Buzzr TV. The original spot was voiced by Tom Kenny (voice of SpongeBob SquarePants), and was a Promax Hot Spot. Over the last five years, it has expanded to a series of promotional and instructional spots that have been used on air and the web, and the characters have become de facto mascots for Buzzr. I'm proud that they have become such a useful tool for the network to communicate with its audience and that they have endured long past their original 30-second spot.
Client: Fremantle Media / Buzzr TV
Role: Art Direction/Animation/Design
Storyboards // stills from final spot.
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