Buzzr Bingo is a programming stunt on Buzzr TV that combines on-air programming with a web and mobile-based game for viewers. [A stunt is a block of shows, pre-empting regular programming, that runs for a short time (a few hours, a day, or throughout a week). The collection of episodes often focuses on a specific theme, or highlights programs that aren’t in regular rotation.] 
I was the art director and animator on this project. The goal was to create graphic packaging that conveyed the excitement of the game and encouraged viewers to engage online, and it needed to work across broadcast, web, mobile and social media. There was the usual broadcast packaging (logo, promo graphics, lower thirds), but also interactive bingo cards for web and mobile, and social media posts.
Logo explorations
I started with the logo. I wanted it to evoke mid-century American bingo halls—plastic light-up signs, wood paneling, and clean, modern design. This is the era in which many of the stunt’s shows originated, and fits in with the network’s vintage style. Most importantly, I wanted to convey the excitement and camaraderie of the packed bingo hall. Yes, I’ve gone to bingo with my grandma. And yes, it can pretty slow when they’re calling the numbers. But it is genuinely thrilling when someone calls out “BINGO!” That’s what I was trying to capture.
A few of the logos from the exploration process.
We not only needed to inform viewers about the week-long programming stunt, but also educate them about how the game aspect functioned. The on-air promos highlighted the programming, but focused on how the game worked and how and where they could play along.
Mobile app
We worked with an outside company to create mobile and web-based cards for the game aspect of the stunt. I was responsible for the visual design of the cards, landing page, and results pages. 
The stunt was a massive success for the network. Viewer participation was the highest of any contest Buzzr has run, and the stunt has attracted increased sponsorship every year. There were a lot of moving parts with this project: I needed to coordinate the visuals with multiple internal and external teams, and ensure that any change to the graphics worked to serve the needs of all of the stakeholders. It was a true team effort and I'm proud that the visuals I created were able to contribute to the stunt's success. 
Client: Fremantle Media / Buzzr TV
Role: Art Direction / Animation / Design
Stills from packaging
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